26-02-2009 - Well our site is finally online! Please let me know if you have any comments or ideas for this site. I can be contacted at andre@metalmilitiasa.com.

For the guys who missed out on MotherFUDD this year, you definitely missed out on a lot. The Bands Rocked, The Sun Beat Down, The Beer flowed and we all had a great time with our fellow headbangers. I have posted some of my pics on the forum, check them out and post a few of your own if you have any.

In other news Zeplins will be moving to Wonderboom on March 28. Their final party at the old venue will be the Sex Party and we hope to see you there. In the meantime The Pig Gig is on Feb 28 where Sacrifist, Calamity, Pony Ride, Agro Deity’s Muse & Kold Kalifornia will cruch us. The Metal Rights Day also promises to be a not to be missed event. More info can be found on the Gig Guide.